Our Clients Describe the Benefits of Our Services

"Leadership Transitions has worked with us both individually and as an entire family unit, helping to unite us in a singular vision and purpose. They have facilitated many of our Family Meetings over the years, and we have gained invaluable tools in communicating more effectively, and working together toward our shared vision. They have helped us to clarify our individual roles and what they mean in relation to the family business, and separately within the family.
"Before working with Leadership Transitions, we were just a regular family with big professional and personal dreams. They have since enhanced our knowledge and understanding of how to logistically make our goals a reality. Now, with the guides and resources they provide, we are on a solid path to making our dreams come true, and even more importantly, successfully work together as a family. The website is the perfect companion to Leadership Transitions’ services, giving a true and comprehensive look at the benefits they can provide your business and family."
-- Buffam Family

“As a busy owner of a growing business it is easy to let your business run and own you. Doug’s business expertise, leadership acumen and coaching insights have helped me begin to establish a system to better lead our organization and prepare for the future---today.”
-- Mike Skiens

"We are a small family business nearing retirement age, employers of our 2 children. We felt it necessary to investigate business succession planning to help explore best options for exit strategy. We met Doug at a business seminar with a panel of speakers; bankers, lawyers, business planners. We were immediately drawn to Doug because of his direct, easy personality. He is PASSIONATE about what he does. He has family business background, "easy read" literature to give "food for thought", and he is unbiased. He wants to help you get to your business goal with a concrete road map. We are confident that he will be very helpful, instrumental, and successful in helping us define and reach our goal."
-- Clay and Melanie Payton

"After the 10th person asked me “John, how much longer are you going to do this?” I decided it was time to start thinking about my eventual retirement and what to do with my business.  I knew Doug Sippel specialized in business transition planning and scheduled an appointment with him. An hour later I knew I would be hiring him to coach me through the process. In the 6 meetings we have had since then I’ve learned more about the practical aspects of business transition than I have in the past 30 years. Doug is smart, objective, intuitive and a good listener. My staff is comfortable knowing there is a succession plan as are my business associates. I have no doubt that my transition will be much smoother with Doug’s help than without it and I wholeheartedly recommend him."

--John Lenz