Key services to help owners achieve a successful business transition.

Business Transitions are critical to the long-term health of your family and your business. We provide the tools and support you need to navigate your complex business transition successfully, balancing family and business needs. We guide you around the unintended consequences and emotional landmines that could threaten your family's unity and the business wealth you've created.

Four ways we help you navigate your unique transition process

1. WE HOLD MONTHLY COACHING SESSIONS designed to take the guesswork out of the process for you. With our knowledge, experience, and step-by-step approach, we help by:

  • Clarifying Your Vision and Values
  • Developing Clear Family and Business Goals
  • Implementing a Business Management System
  • Identifying Your Successor
  • Delegating Your Leadership
  • Crystallizing Your Thinking
  • Focusing on the Important, Not Just the Urgent

2. WE FACILITATE STRATEGIC PLANNING MEETINGS to make sure all your employees and family members understand the transition goal and their role in achieving a successful transition by:

  • Creating Shared Vision and Values
  • Aligning Everyone Around a Single Focus
  • Clarifying New Roles and Responsibilities
  • Building an Accountability System
  • Implementing a Management Succession Plan

3. WE CONDUCT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS to ensure that employees and family members have the skills they need to fulfill their roles in the transition process and beyond by:

  • Increasing Trust and Engagement
  • Improving Skills for Leading a Transition
  • Delegating Power and Authority
  • Creating Strong Leadership to Preserve Your Legacy
  • Teaching You the New Skills You Need to Transition

4. WE FACILITATE FAMILY MEETINGS to help relieve the emotional tension and alleviate the uncertainty that the transition process creates. A professional facilitator helps by:

  • Unifying Multiple Generations Around a Common Purpose
  • Reducing Conflict, Friction, and Tension
  • Clarifying Family and Business Roles and Boundaries
  • Increasing Family Harmony, Commitment, and Support