Jasper Sprout

Assistant Operations Manager
Two By Four Enterprises

MBA, Washington State University
39, 1st child, oldest son
6 years R&D at Fab Pros, 6 years Line Ops Manager Fab Pros,
2 years as Assistant Operations Manager at Two By Four

I’m ready for the job.

We're one of the leaders in our sector because we’ve spent decades building relationships. I'll make sure that tradition continues. We have some choices ahead, but if we stay the course and treat people well, we'll continue to be successful. We need to cut costs, pay attention to efficiencies, and continue to do what we’ve always done. With some minor tweaks, our sales will be back on track.

My problem with Dad's plan to retire.

I’m afraid that Dad isn’t ready for me to take the helm just yet. He seems to want me to take on more, but when the chips are down, he's still in charge. In retirement, I think he'll still be looking over my shoulder. He needs a plan and a goal for his retirement. Until he figures retirement out, he has no plan to retire.

Why I'm more qualified than my siblings to run the company.

This position is what I've been working toward my whole career. Having worked in various operations, I have a different perspective on risk than my siblings. I take risks, but only where I know I can prevail. I believe this company needs to be a little conservative to stay in the game. Careful. Calculated. Consistent. That’s us.

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