Ed Coalson

VP of Sales
Two By Four Enterprises


National Sales Leader 4 straight years at major Two By Four competitor, 6 years as Assistannt Sales Director at Two By Four, 3 years as VP of Sales at Two By Four
Own a bigger piece of the company.

I've helped build this company through hard work and contacts.

I knew Bob when I worked for a competitor. He figured if he hired me, I'd stop stealing customers from him. Since I've been here, I've brought dozens of new customers on board. I'm a relationship person. People want to buy from people they trust.

My contribution speaks for itself. My compensation depends on my performance.

I'm the only employee with an ownership stake in this company. Given my sales record, industry visibility, and commitment to Two By Four, I believe I've earned a greater role in strategic decisions and a larger stake in the ownership. We've had a couple years below target, but I'm sure that will change this year.

With my connections, I can work anywhere.

Our products aren't that unique. We win on price, our service department, and my credibility with our customers. I like working here. I like Bob, but business is business, and I’m getting frustrated. If I'm not a major player in the emerging leadership team, I have a few other opportunities to explore. At 47, I'm nearing my peak, and looking for peak returns as well.

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