Janine Sprout

Assistant Sales Director
Two By Four Enterprises

BA, St. Louis University
37, 2nd child, oldest daughter
2 years in software sales, 4 years at marketing communications firm, 4 years as Inside Sales Rep at Two By Four, 1 year as Assistant Sales Director

I have a vision for Two By Four.

This company could be something more than it is today, but change is necessary. We can't grow, or stay even with last year’s sales unless we're willing to make some aggressive moves. We need to re-brand the company because our image is stale. A new sales strategy is crucial. Ed Coalson is great, but we’re going to face a lot of big challenges in the coming years. It's time for a change in a lot of different areas. Dad is loyal to all of these people. I’m afraid he won't make cuts where we need them the most.

My problem with Dad's plan to retire.

The problem is he doesn't want to retire. He says he may slow down, but he doesn't know what else to do. Mom is getting cranky about it. Maybe there are other issues between them. I could run this operation myself, but even if he moves aside, I’m sure he'll still be into everything. The company is his life!

Why I'm more qualified than my siblings to run the company.

Let's face it, I'm the only one of my siblings with Dad’s courage and drive. I push buttons. I make some people uncomfortable, but I get it done. There's plenty around here that needs to be done, and I’m frustrated. The other three kids just don't have the stomach for driving change.

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