Maya Patel

Chief Financial Officer
Two By Four Enterprises


5 years as Two By Four Office Manager, 4 years as Billing Assistant, 4 years as Controller
Don't rock the ship! Keep the systems the same.

We have good systems in place. I don't want to anything to change.

We are very good at managing every angle of our finances. If Bob or Chip starts changing our operations, we'll have to revise how we account for everything. Changing how we do things will be very stressful and wasteful. I don’t think we should make a lot of changes at once. Let's not upset the apple cart.

I’m nervous because this transition means a lot more work for me.

When you change one thing, something else will be affected, and that makes me very uncomfortable. I’m worried that lots of changes in a short time could cause a loss of productivity and hurt our profits for several years. I want everything to stay put. Talking about innovation is confusing, and I don't always understand the new technology. I do know any upgrades will add debt to our balance sheet.

We can be more profitable if we focus on costs.

We should be able to bring costs down by eliminating little extras that don't add value to our products. I have a long list of little things that could add up to real savings. I think we can increase sales and profits without making big, costly changes.

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