Javier Smith

Senior Sales and Design Coordinator
Equipment Logistics Co.


2 years as Sales Representative, Two By Four; 20 years as Senior Sales Associate, Equipment Logistics, Co.
Maintain or improve relationships with Two By Four.

Our company helped Two By Four grow. New leaders may not appreciate what we’ve done.

I was with Bob at the start of Two by Four and then spun off my company. He was my first customer. I don't have that same history or trust in the other people there. When he steps down, things will change. I'm not confident we will remain as important to the new leaders as we are with Bob.

New Leadership could be trouble for us. New people bring new sources.

My relationship with Two By Four is exclusively through Bob. His kids have their contacts and resources. When Bob retires, it won’t be the same. I’m worried my company will be treated like any other vendor. I need the business, so I can’t complain too much.

Bob and I understand each other.

We're not that different. We're both trying to figure out how to pass our companies on to our kids. The world is a different place today. Kids don't see things the way we do. I'm watching everything Bob does very carefully.

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