William Jackson

Senior VP of Operations
Hansel Manufacturing & Distributing

MBA, University of Dayton
43, son-in-law
12 years Product Manager, 6 years Division Manager, 2 years VP of Operations, 3 years Senior VP of Operations

It's easy to be objective about a company when you're not in the middle of it.

Megan has always wanted an active role in Two By Four, but triplets put that on the back burner. She has the education and a lot of Bob's business instincts. I see nothing but upside for the company. It's in a position to move into a significant growth phase if they make the right decisions now. I'm not sure Jasper or Janine have the perspective to see the real opportunity. I’m afraid their focus is internal while I see a much broader horizon.

I work in a similar industry, but our approach is far more innovative.

At Hansel, we've grown through partnerships, alliances, outsourcing, and a few other strategies. We've concentrated our core competency on R&D, which has kept our investment in equipment focused on technological improvements. That has put us in a much stronger competitive position, lowered operations costs, and increased efficiency. Two By Four could follow a similar model and go from a regional to a national stage in a very short time.

Two By Four is a gold mine, but no one has found the core vein yet. It's there.

Every leadership team has a vision. Bob's vision has always been to build wealth and to set his kids up to benefit from what he's created. I appreciate that, but I’m worried that his vision has become conservative. Maybe he doesn't trust the kids to make the right decisions. If Megan and I could pitch our vision to Bob without offending everyone else, I think he might listen.