Megan Sprout-Jackson

Stay-at-home Mom with triplets

BA, Political Science, George Washington University
35, 4th child, youngest daughter
Community Volunteer, Nonprofit Volunteer

I want to see Mom and Dad retire and enjoy themselves for a change.

In the past few years, Dad seems to have gotten a bit timid. Not outwardly, but something has changed. He's less of the lion, a little more protective than aggressive. I think this change has had an impact on profits. He needs to step back and pay more attention to Mom and our three grandsons! It's time for him to play and relax.

I don't want to see my siblings squabbling over who's in charge.

Jasper and Janine are both such egomaniacs. I’m afraid they'll never agree enough to be able to work together. I haven't been active in the company, but I've talked with Dad on many occasions about how things work. He's shared a lot of information about the company that even my siblings don't know.

My husband has more experience and more drive than my brothers or sister.

William has more experience and entrepreneurial guts than anyone in the family. He could take this company to new markets and new products with his connections throughout the world. He and Chip Ogawa, our COO, have had many long sessions exploring how to upgrade the technology and boost the output. He also has experience financing capital improvements. I'm just not sure how to introduce the subject to the family because Jasper and Janine will not welcome the idea. Charles will whine, but he might support us.